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Florida Poly Retreat Work Weekend

  Hello Everyone!

 We're trying to find out the feasibility of having a Florida Poly Family Work Weekend at the Retreat Center where the Florida Poly Retreat is held each year.

 The idea is to have folks arrive with their families on Friday night, do some work around the Retreat center during Saturday morning and early afternoon, then have some fun activity time in the late afternoon, followed by dinner and and evening activities.  Everyone would go home on Sunday.

 Our Retreat facility does need to have work done on it, and if you would be able to come to help us work on the facility on Friday or even on Thursday, that would be appreciated, too!  You don't have to have kids to come, but we wanted to give poly folks with children a chance to get together, talk to folks who face similar situations as they do, and network together.  It also gives the kids a chance to make friends with other poly-family kids!

 The idea of this weekend is to help the UU in the Pines (our Retreat Facility) to spruce up their grounds in an effort to make things better for everyone that uses the facilities.  We've done this in the past, and have been able to stay free of charge and have been able to use the kitchen facilities to cook for ourselves.  So essentially the weekend would be free of monetary charge, but everyone would be required to work in some capacity for the betterment of the center or for support of those that are there working.

 Does this sound like something that you or someone you know with a poly family with children would be interested in?  If so, please reply to the group and let us know things like:

 1/  What dates do your kids go back to school?

 2/  What are the ages of your children (if you are wanting to bring them).

 3/ Are you willing to kid-sit or be in charge of kid's activities so the adults and older children can work on the facilities?

 These are just a few starter questions.  I hope as things come together we'll be able to firm up ideas.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

 Your Florida Poly Retreat Staff

 Meren, Alicia, Richard, Jeffery, Josie, Lauren,  Judy, and Zhanna (so far!  If you want to be on Staff for FPR 2009, please do let us know!)

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