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Being Poly and Adoption Advice request

Hello, all.

I posted this note at the polyamory LJ community and it was suggested that I come here. (I modified the post a bit, due to thinking more.)

My husband and I are hoping to have children, either from our bodies and/or by adoption. We are also poly.

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking to adopt from within California through the public system (CPS).

Have any of you dear folks had experience with adoption agencies - anywhere, of any kind - and in sharing your family structure?

Our household consists of just the two of us, with our two cats. I have a boyfriend (who lives with his wife and children); my husband "dates" his computer, at present.

We are not trying to spark a debate of any type; suffice it to say that we have thought through many of the ramifications of having children and that we have the means to support them, financially, emotionally and socially. Nor do I wish to stir up the mono vs. poly issues.

We are looking for knowledge or experience that would guide us in how much to say and how to say it.

If you wish to contact us privately, please email us at happy . us . 02 @ gmail . com (minus the spaces).

Thank you.
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