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Looking for a book to help explain things to my new step-son

My new stepson (I'm a female in a relationship with his mother) understands his mom and I are in a poly relationship, and we did our best to explain what that means. At first, he was terrified me and the man I have lived with for 11 years were going to break up. We assured him that that was very unlikely to happen. But are there any books about polyamory written for children, that explain what it is (or discussing the concept of responsible non-monogamy and would reinforce the idea that his mother and I are just as committed to each other as a mono couple would be, and that the guy I have been living with and I are as committed to each other as any couple who'd been living together for 11 years would be) that would be appropriate for his age? I'd say he reads on about the level of a 12 year old, so something for 12 year olds or younger, even 5 year olds, would be great. Something like, you know, "Michelle has 2 daddies and 3 mommies" or whatever :)

I have been searching online, brick and mortar new and used bookstores, amazon, and had no luck, so I really hope you guys have some ideas. If not an actual book, maybe a PDF or something I can print for him. I just want something more for him than our verbal reassurances, for him to know he's not the only kid in a situation like this, something he can look at when we aren't around, that sort of thing. But it seems there MUST be some kind of book explaining poly to kids, since it's something they go through right along with us...

anyway, any help or pointers would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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